Noble English Academy is modelled after the British English language standard learning curriculum. The language is the official spoken and written language in the United Kingdom. Malaysia, being the member states of the Commonwealth Nations, has long adhered to the British English in its education framework.

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Read what parents are saying about Noble English Academy

Fun and Interesting

Jezlyn Tai (testimonials)

I have been trying to find a suitable English program for my child since some time ago. Before this, my child was often not very confident in herself even though she could be able to understand and write in English. We enrolled her to Noble English Academy and we have noticed that she liked the class very much and has shown tremendous enthusiasm in her attendance. The program is just not academically alone but is also fun and interesting in nature. I guess when classes are interesting, children will enjoy it so much and learn something out of it.


Adeline Rosell

Mother to Jezlyn Tai, 8 years Old

Compact and Comprehensive Worksheets

Ang Tze Jun (testimonials)

What I have noticed impressive about Noble English Academy is their worksheets used in each of the classes. The worksheets are compact and comprehensive. Whenever new grammatical topics
are being taught, the accompanying guided practices are always so helpful to put the children into practising and understanding it. Apart from that, the classes also focus highly on the language
vocabulary with creative and innovative worksheets to complete. I am so pleased at how Noble English Academy has made mastering the language so enjoyable and satisfying for my grandchildren.


Madam Yeong

Grandmother to Ang Tze Jun and Ang Tze Jin, 10 and 7 years old

Effective Means of Communication

Raif Safwan (Testimonials)

Noble English Academy provides a good platform for children to interact and communicate with each other in the class in English. I noticed certain tasks in the worksheets require children to ask around or discuss among themselves in order to completing it. Moreover, they are also encouraged to participate in sessions very much related to the everyday life of their surroundings. This has made my child grew in his self-confident and has not been afraid to speak in the language anymore. Until recently, I have seen him ordering from a fast food chain all by himself for us. Appreciate the great program.


Sharifah Sazila

Mother to Raif Safwan, 12 years old

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